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ABM is a label specializing in drone, noise, post-rock and experimental music. Its main mission is to release sound that is both damaged and beautiful, the first series we are working on is a series of web-based singles that we are referring to as our SS releases, but starting in march we will release our first full length recordings, and some non-digital objects. A different part of the Seven Inch Series will be released about three to four times a month. We are still looking for artists so please get in contact with us.

most of our releases will be available are free of charge, but we are asking for a small donation of what ever you can afford. All money donated will go towards making this site more efficient and adding more disk space so that we can release more longer and complex works that are the highest bit rate that we can rip/make.

-thaniel ion lee - founder/curator

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hello my name is thaniel ion lee, and im an artist from the states. im currently looking for a group or split show in europe. you can see my art at thanielionlee.com .

my artist statement is below

My work is about my life as a person with a disability, I use both humor and seriousness as away of dissecting and examining the world in which both you and I live in. I frequently cite and use history, my personal life and the experiences of others as a means of questioning and re-examining our societies view point on the concept that is normalcy.

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THANIEL ION LEE - in a dark forest we wander


. In a dark forest we wander is thaniel ion
lees' first object-based release in over four years, and it was
compiled in random sessions over a period of around 2 years. This
release explores his love for loud drones, power electronics,
clipping, and tone generators. Fans of early pita, kevin drumm, and
the prettier parts of mezbow will feel at home in this cd-r. each
order will come with a mouth painting made by thaniel ion lee, and
other random obects.

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Dear anyone who reads this, I am currently working on an international-based work of art and I need as much help as I can get ...I need as many people as I can to write one of theses phrases on a piece of paper/on any object you want, and then I need them to take a photo of it...the photograph can be camera phone quality or professional grade...ill will give you/them credit, and the photograph will be located at thanielionlee.com ... I will also need to know the location of the work. The photos should be emailed to thanielionlee@gmail.com


the phrases

1. a list of things you need, but do not have.
2. how much money do actually need to survive.
3. look up the word run.
4. what use are legs if they are rarely used by the people who have them, and are unneeded by those who don't.
5. how much does it cost the government to make a dollar bill.
6. what is the difference between believing in something and knowing something.
7. what percentage of a lie contains truth.
8. who do we hate, and what does that tell us about ourselves.
9. a house constructed without walls.
10. is anything worth its cost.
11. within every victim of wars head lied the potential of thinking of a solution to every reason to goto war.
12. all art is propaganda.
13. how many of your thought are actually your own , and how many are the collective thoughts of your society.
14. within every solution there is a problem in hiding.
15. imagine your self without thumbs.
16. learn to live without wanting anything you do not need.
17. history is societies attempt to figure out what to remember and what to forget.
18. are you who you always wanted to be or are you what they wanted you to be.
19. a list of everything that you consider sacred.
20. children are a biological byproduct of what we do naturally.
21. how many years must a people live on a chunk of land before they are considered native.
22. the unfortunate truth of life is that money will solve all your problems.
23. doctors lie.
24. knowledge is powerless with out action.
25. you are only partial owner of your thoughts.
26. who owns the sky.
27. what you don't see is what you usually get.

new layout

January 19 2008
i relaid out the site so it can be more easily navigated. i changed the coloration to something more readable and much much more update able

ArtistBlackMusic is looking for humans to be on a mp3 compilation

ArtistBlackMusic is looking for humans to be on a mp3 compilation. the theme of the compilation is damage beauty . i would like to see how beautiful yet damaged you can be. i would like to have 20 artists on the comp and all tracks/mp3s and bios must be had before the end of march.

for more information e-mail me at thanielionlee[at]gmail.com


visual art up date

Updates and News

hello this is the first monthly update of this year and im proud to
say that I have ...

added work to the instructional based works section of my website,
the works I added can be seen at

I am attempting to compile a catalog of sorts of my text based works.

and on march 8th of this year I will be having an opening of my first
web based work ever, and although I currently don't know how I will
have a reception for a web based show/work...I am planning one
anyway....the show/work will be located

as usual if you have any questions/comments feel free to email me at

-thaniel ion lee

ArtistBlackMusic needs your help

hey, everyone...i need your help/advice. i would like to improve the label and make it semi-more professional....i dont want to do this for a living or anything, but id would like to try to bring in at least 30 - 50 dollars a month worth of donations/sales so i can eventually raise enough funds to release a actual cd before the end of the year, i still want to release free music though and i still want to give new artist a chance to make their stuff available w/o have to worry about sales and such. so any and all advice would be nifty.

-thaniel ion lee


all our full length releases are free, but there is a suggested three dollar donation that you dont have to pay, but it would be very nice if you did, and remember 50 percent of that is going to the artist, paypal takes a cut, and the paypal cut is taken out of our 50 percent...so in the end of it all we get maybe 1 dollar and 10 cents.

ABMFL001 Thaniel ion lee - landmass
land mass is thaniel exploring his love for radiophonics, concrete music, and collage. during a time span of about six months this work was recorded, compiled,edited, mastered, re-edited, and then chopped up into separate movements and entry points.
total playing time 48min 57sec

this release is available at

ABMFL003 kathleen morrison - off white angel
not really a full length, but not really a single...fans of old pole, oval, and snd will enjoy kathleen morrison's off white angel it is full of lo-fi yet strangely dance-able dubbed out loops and patterns made out of radio signals, samples from old records, and cheaply recorded drum machines

this release is available at
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Digital seven inches from ArtistBlackMusic

the digital seven inch series, is a series of 14 minute or under EP's by artist from around the world, and is available at http://artistblackmusic.thanielionlee.com/

ABMSS001 - Thaniel ion lee - black is the colour of my lovers heart

black is the colour of my lovers heart is thaniel ion lee's first widely available release in over two years. The recordings heard on this digital seven inch are from a 3 hour oscillator and computer session recorded in early December of this year [2007].

ABMSS002 - ICE VOLT - intercom

"intercom" is a noise piece by ICE VOLT created using a home intercom system with AM radio and voice, recorded on march 11 2007 at the lodge in st.paul minnesota. duration [11:19]. please visit my site for more information on recordings and live shows. thanks for listening!

ABMSS003 - Thomas roberts - oh, my gawd

thomas roberts is from the fine state of virginia, and thats all he said when i asked him to tell me something about himself....he said crank it.

ABMSS004 - Thaniel ion lee - you will know him by his deeds

you will know him by his deeds is my most mellow and blissed out release so far, this 15min track consists of stretched out bells and small shinny objects melted into a wall of steely drones and tones.

ABMSS005 - Tribe Of Astronauts - your fight

Tribe of Astronauts is a loose recording collective consisting of some
artists affiliated with Webbed Hand Records, Treetrunk Records, Infinite
Sector, and other netlabels. It is an "anonymized" project, an opportunity
for the artists to create work not in the style of their main projects.

ABMSS006 - Winter Sun Set - doorless windows

more info asap.

ABMSS007 - Autistici - little known (little heard)

Autistici's work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and manmade world. Autistici's album "Volume Objects" is out now on 12k.

ABMSS008 - Craque - S/T

craque represents sonic exploration and nuances of listening, building experimental pieces from improvisations and electro-acoustic sound design. sonic sources range from homebuilt instruments and found objects to guitar, percussion and field recordings. more music craque is available on stadtgruenlabel.net, xynthetic.com and craque.net.

ABMSS009 - Ronnie Cramer - Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X

In 1953, painter Francis Bacon reworked a famous portrait by Diego Velazquez and created a distorted masterpiece that the Bulfinch Guide to Art History called "a screaming mask of angst." Bacon had previously explored the same subject in Head VI (1949) and other paintings in the "screaming pope" series. The following sound-art work by Ronnie Cramer was created by converting image data (from a JPG of the painting) into an audio data stream and running it through a battery of 1980s-90s synthesizers and effects units.